MBE Working Groups (WGs)

Below is a list of working groups currently active within the ASME MBE Standards Committee. For more information about a working group, please contact Fred Constantino.

Framework WG

Overall Purpose: The MBE Framework WG defines the concept of a model-based enterprise by providing a high-level structural definition.

Key Outcomes and Benefits: The working group will support consistent definition, organization, and relationships for high-level components of a model-based enterprise to facilitate integrating, information sharing, and exploiting of requirements defined in the MBE standards.

Near-Term Strategy WG

Overall Purpose: The ASME MBE Near Term Strategy Working Group identifies challenges, gaps, and problems inhibiting understanding and adoption of model-based methods.

Key Outcomes and Benefits: The working group will develop materials that address challenges, gaps, and opportunities to ensure industry is prepared to accept and adopt MBE methods.

Terms WG

Overall Purpose: The Terms WG's focus is to begin collecting and defining terms, acronyms, and abbreviations for use in ASME MBE Standards.

Key Outcomes and Benefits: The working group will support consistent definition and application of terms across all ASME MBE Standards using a model-based lexicon and approaches.

Use Cases and Model-Based Standards Development (UC & MBSD) WG

Overall Purpose: The UC & MBSD WG defines the methods the MBE SC will use to develop use cases and model-based standards.

Key Outcomes and Benefits: The working group is the author and maintainer of the model-based methods for generating use cases and standards for MBE to ensure consistent definition of use cases and standards released by the MBE SC.

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