Fall 2021 Meeting Agenda

The Fall 2021 ASME MBE Standards meetings will take place the week of 15 NOV and are open to the public. The agenda and topics of focus are now available.
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The ASME MBE Standards Committee and Working Groups will meet during the week of 15 NOV 2021. The focus of the meetings will be on the processes and practices of developing, adopting, and implementing MBE standards. The full agenda for the week and each day are highlighted below.


Zoom Meeting Information:

Zoom Meeting ID: 97362820379 / Passcode: 070190

Day 1, TUE 11/16:

  • Overview of direction and purpose of MBE and the Standards
  • Standards Committee & Working Groups Status
  • MBSD Processes and Practices
    • Modeling / Architecture frameworks
    • Modeling artifacts
    • Testing, Evaluation, Verification, and Validation

Day 2, WED 11/17:

  • Development Workflows
    • Use of XMI, meta use cases, etc.
  • Release Workflows
    • What kind of releases (0.y, X.0, X.y, etc.)?
    • Relationship between release types

Day 3, THU 11/18:

  • How will industry adopt and consume the standards?
  • Plan for acquiring early adopters

Day 4, FRI 11/19:

  • Summary / capture of development ecosystem status and additional needs
  • Review of emerging new-work packages
  • Implementers Support / Forum
  • Develop and vote on resolutions
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