MBE Survey Results

First review of RFI results show MBE awareness and engagement.
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In February 2020, we requested your feedback. Thank you for your participation!

We have compiled some results. Check them out.

Many reading this news item likely participated in our recent request for information (RFI) surrounding our Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) efforts in the ASME MBE Subcommittee (SC). We had over 180 participants !

As your ASME MBE Standards Committee (SC) representative, this first study helped us gauge interest in MBE topics. It also helped the SC understand more about the RFI participants and their viewpoint regarding where they are in their MBE journey.

We found the following demographics helpful as they provided us insights about the MBE community that we serve.

  • Industries that participated
  • Size of company / organization / enterprise
  • Role or expertise of the participant
  • Company score on the NIST MBE Capability Index – as identified by the participant





The SC will use the insights harvested from the RFI to guide how to prioritize our standards activities. We hope to apply any lessons learned to plans and operations around MBE standards creation. We are grateful for your responses! Keep it up.

Active participation from diverse industries and experts is foundational for all to grow into the ASME credo. Please continue to engage, participate, and consider inviting your colleagues to ASME MBE SC activities.

ASME Credo

   Setting the Standard...
   In Engineering Excellence
   In Knowledge, Community & Advocacy
   For the benefit of humanity
RFI-2.png (181 KB) RFI-2.png Thomas Hedberg, 09/09/2020 05:04 PM
RFI-1.png (172 KB) RFI-1.png Thomas Hedberg, 09/09/2020 05:05 PM
RFI-3.png (151 KB) RFI-3.png Thomas Hedberg, 09/09/2020 05:05 PM
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