MBE SC Welcomes Four New Members

The ASME MBE SC, with approval from the ASME BST, grew the SC by adding four members to the committee. Click read more to meet the new members and read their bios.
Added by Thomas Hedberg over 1 year ago

With the approval of the ASME Board of Standardization and Testing (BST), the MBE Standards Committee (SC) added three new members to its membership. Please welcome Sarah Hale, Ben Kassel, Evan Kessick, and Brandon Sapp! Each new SC member was nominated by a Working Group leader as someone who has actively participating and contributed to the work groups. A brief introduction to each new member is below.

Sarah Hale
Sarah Hale is a mechanical engineer at Sandia National Laboratories for ten years. She spent eight years as a finite element analyst on the Modeling and Simulation Team and joined the Model-Based Enterprise team after noticing that analysis models are frustratingly disconnected from CAD models. As an MBE architect, Sarah works to find ways to connect and reuse all types of models.

Ben Kassel
Ben Kassel is currently a Senior Consultant at LMI. Ben retired from a storied career with the U.S. Navy in 2018. Ben has more than 30+ years of experience in developing process excellence and innovation in CAD/MBD and MBE.

Evan Kessick
Evan Kessick is a Principal Engineer at GE Appliances working to implement Model-Based Enterprise. He supports the business as a GD&T, Tolerance Stacks, and MBD/MBE instructor/mentor. Evan has 15+ years of experience working in engineering and design. He graduated from Western Michigan University and has an ASME GDTP-S 2009 Certification.

Brandon Sapp
Brandon Sapp is an Engineering Technical Specialist in Data/Information Architecture. He leads MBE strategy development and external standards development. Brandon has over 20 years experience in leading implementation of the model-based enterprise within OEMs.


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