ASME MBE Steering Group Recommendation Report


In March 2018, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) appointed 10 members from industry, government, and academia to a Steering Group (SG) with the purpose of developing expert recommendations on the direction and organizational structure of the Model-Based Enterprise (MBE) Standards Committee (SC) and subcommittees. This recommendation report contains the proposals developed by the SG for the direction, activities, and priorities of the ASME MBE SC. The report also provides a brief background of and motivation for MBE. The intent of the MBE standards activities is presented before the recommended MBE SC structure is proposed. Then, a methodology for developing the MBE standards using a model-based approach is discussed. Finally, a marketing and adoption strategy and a MBE standards roadmap are outlined. The ASME Board on Standardization and Testing (BST), ASME staff, prospective standards developers, technical assessment personnel, and interested end-users are the intended audience of recommendation report.


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